Team Firelight (Remake)

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Team Firelight (Remake)

Post  Majin Sky on Sat Dec 01, 2012 3:48 am

This is a remake of my first FF that I ever written Enjoy (WARNING: In this series there will be profanity, a lot of fight scenes, and may or may not (haven't decided yet) suggestive scenes)

Prologue: Dream or Memory?

The cold stinging daggers of water fell on to his skin. From his mud-brown hair to his feet was drench. The shreds of cloth that used to be his clothes flapped against the cold, howling wind. There was a fire that was burning in his sky blue eyes. There was a flash of light followed by an angry clap of thunder. Suddenly there was a younger boy standing there.

His hair was jet black that blend into the blackness of the night. His deep emerald green eyes show nothing but utter enlightenment of causing pain. “So dear brother how do you like my new power” He ask with a cold, sinister tone in his voice.

The older boy fell to his knee unable to stand his own weight anymore, “Urg….Why James? Why are you doing this?”

“Because I am stronger then you’ll ever be, because there is nothing important then becoming the most powerful being in the world” he answered

“You’re wrong!! There is more to life than being powerful!” His brother said. James grabs his brother by the throat and picks him up.

He couldn’t breathe, and he was too weak to break away, “This is why you’ll never be able to beat me Blaze” he said as he let him go.

Blaze fell to the ground coughing and gasping for breath. There was another angry roar of thunder. “You let your Naïve and foolish to believe there is anything more important than power. That’s why I will become god and you will die” he said.

Blaze glare at his brother, “No James, The only one who is being foolish is you” he said. Then suddenly lightning hits the ground behind them and within in that moment of blindness Blaze jump up, his bare fist slams against James’s jaw sending him upwards. But before he got too far into the air Blaze grabs his leg pulling him back toward him. “What!?!” James thought. In that same instant Blaze slams his fist against James’s stomach. James flew back and hits the ground gasping for breath. By the time James was able to get up Blaze was already in the air. Blaze landed feet first where James’s head had been laying. James jump up to his feet and charge at Blaze. They threw punches and deflect them. They match move per move.

Soon James threw a well aim kick to Blaze’s ribs. But then Blaze grabs his leg and locks it into place between his arm and side. Blaze slams his elbow into James’s knee cap and James yelled out in pain. But then James jumps high enough to land a hard place kick on the side of Blaze’s head with his other leg. Blaze flew forwards flipping; Blaze hits the ground but quickly recovers. James was hopping on his good foot trying not to let his shatter leg touch the ground. Blaze tackles James down pinning him down with his arms and legs.

“It’s over James!! Give up!!” Blaze yelled.
James started laughing, “HAHAHAHA OVER?! YOU’RE DEAD WRONG IT’S NOT OVER IT’S JUST THE BEGINNING!!” He laughs as his eyes started to glow blood-red with power.

“What the-“Blaze began.

“Shadow Destroyer!” he commanded and a black beam of energy shot out of his hands blasting Blaze.

“GAHHHHHHH!!!!!” he yelled in pain. Blaze was shot into the dark stormy night sky; he could feel the dark energy flowing throughout his body. Causing his nerves to scream out in pain, Blaze fell into a tree hitting branch after branch until he hits the ground.

Before he faded into the black he could hear a voice, “Hey…wake up are you alright?”
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