Ultimate Battle Episode 1: Solar's newest weapon! A Pureblood Tiadoh

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Ultimate Battle Episode 1: Solar's newest weapon! A Pureblood Tiadoh

Post  Majin Sky on Sat Feb 02, 2013 12:40 am

???: *looks like exactly like Shadow when he was a teenager but with a white tape around his forehead* *his energy signature is exactly like Shadow*

Lyra: *trap in an energy bubble* Grrrrr What are you?!
???: I suppose I can tell you since you’re going to become my *enters the walks through the bubble unaffected by the energy* I’m a improve version of the Tiadoh prince. More powerful and skill beyond anything you have seen before.
Lyra: *tries to punch him but ??? grabs her arm and twist it nearly breaking it and pin her down on the ground on her belly* DX
???: Heheheheh….Don’t worry *leans in close* I won’t kill you How else will I build the Tiadohs race for masters plans
Lyra: I Will Never!! *tries to fight back but is completely over power* DX
???: Heh…Don’t worry I won’t do anything just yet I have to wait for the that….Mistake to come and try to save you
Shadow: D8< WHAT?!
Dusk: I-I tried…I really did…):
Bolt: *he and Shade holds him back* Dad calm down! You’re not helping anything!
Shade: Bolt’s right you need to calm down
Shadow: Grrrrr
Dusk: *thinks* How could I let this happen?! *thinks*


Dusk: *Chasing Lyra*
Lyra: You can’t catch me! ;D
Dusk: *runs faster* *tags* Tag your it

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